What the hell am I reading right now? What are all these TIPs?

Excellent question! I'm Domirillo. I work at an animation studio in Atlanta, GA called Floyd County Productions. We make the animated comedy, "ARCHER" for FXX.

TIP stands for "Tactical Intoxication Program".

Sometime during the making of Season 2 of Archer, I noticed that there were a lot of cocktails in each episode. I got the idea to start a series of posts on Reddit, where I would talk about a cocktail or spirit that would be featured in some way in the upcoming episode of Archer. By doing so, people could read about the drink, learn a little bit of history, and then drink along with the characters on the show if they wanted. Maybe even have some friends over and have a little cocktail party. The idea is to make watching Archer into a little bit more than just a half hour of TV, and instead make it a social event. Eventually I've moved the posts onto this blog, because I like having a place to host my writing that isn't on someone else's web platform.

If I read these before I watch the show, will it ruin the episodes for me?

No. I do not put any spoilers in these articles at all. They are about the drink, not about the show.

I don't watch Archer, will I still be able to understand these articles?

I hope so! Again, these are really just about the drinks, and not about the show. They are usually like little research papers that I write about drinks. There definitely will be little details here and there that refer to the show, or characters in it, but you should still be able to enjoy reading them without having watched the show.