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TIP: S2E11 "Jeu Monégasque"

Sorry for the delay. Our office couldn’t start working on time this morning due to wide spread power outages in Atlanta. So, we stood out back, behind the studio and drank some whiskey trying to figure out what to do until the power came back on. A few of us decided that we would go to one of our apartments, cook some Cambodian breakfast (well, half Cambodian), drink some sake, and watch “Frankenhooker”. These were all good decisions. NEWS

I hope you have had a good week. It has been a pretty good week here at Floyd County, for several reasons that you probably already know about.

Archer got officially renewed for a 3rd season! Our ratings went up last week for “el secuestro” (and it seems as if /r/archerfx enjoyed it too)!

Not only that, but flying a little bit below the radar was an announcement that FX is working on a new half hour animated comedy for next year. The project is called “Townies” and is written by members of the “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” writing staff. Did I mention that if it gets picked up, it will be animated by the one and only, Floyd County Productions? Because that is indeed the case. The pilot is in it’s second trimester right now and that is all that can be said about it until people, who are much more official than me, deem it appropriate. For now, let’s get to the final countdown!

Our art director, Neal Holman, put it best via tweet when he said that this weeks episode is likely our most ambitious episode to date. It most definitely is.

I’m really proud of the work everyone put into making this episode and hopefully y’all enjoy it.


This drink has many variants, some involve coffee beans, some substitute the beans for coffee liqeuor, and some don’t require anything but a glass of Sambuca and a flame.

I’ll run you through a few options, and also let you know what Archer does.

Sambuca is an anise flavoured liqeour that comes in 3 different varieties: The most common is clear and is often referred to as ‘white sambuca’, there are also deep blue (black sambuca) and red (red sambuca) varieties.

To those that read these tips each week, it will come as no surprise that the origins of Sambuca, and the Flaming Sambuca are poorly documented, and thus have a wide variety of speculation as to it’s history. Luigi Manzi, was the first known to produce sambuca in Civitavecchia (1851), and said that he had chosen that name in memory of the "sambuchelli", or the "acquaioli" ( water and anis sellers) of his native Ischia. True? Does it really matter?

How to drink a Flaming Sambuca

  • Version #1: Fill a shot glass with sambuca; ignite with lighter; let burn for 5 seconds or so (too long and you run the risk of burning your mouth on either hot glass or hot liquid); cover the top of the shot with your hand to extinguish; drink it immediately.


  • Version #2: Place 3 whole coffee beans into a lowball glass. (these 3 coffee beans enhance the flavor of the anise and are thought to symbolize, Health, Happiness and Prosperity. Pour in about 3-4 oz of Sambuca. Ignite. Place hand over glass to extingquish, but keep your hand ontop of the glass. Bring the glass close to your nose, and when you remove your hand, inhale the aroma of the sambuca and coffee. Drink.


  • Version #3: (ARCHER version) pour about 1 oz of coffee liqeour into a martini glass, then add 2 oz of sambuca. Ignite. Archer puts out his drink by blowing on it, but that may or may not be physically possible in the real world, so if it isn’t, follow the steps for #2. Drink.


  • Black Label Scotch and Gummi Bears
  • Martini
  • Champagne



Basically, this is just the french version of Steak and potatoes (other countries, such as Belgium eat the shit out of it too. So, I won’t actually say this is a “french” dish, but, this episode is in Monoco, so let’s just call a spade a spade.)

Here is a great recipe for said steak and potatoes via Epicurious.

le om nom nom nom nom nom

TIP: S2E12 "White Nights"

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