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TIP: S2E13 "Double Trouble"

Gutentag! I'm writing this post in the lounge of a hostel in Munich... on an iPhone keypad... so bare with me.

Due to the way our production pipeline works, I actually haven't seen the final draft of the finale. I saw a rough cut that had all sorts of glitches and fun visual surprises. It also didn't have final sound design either. Point is, you will likely to see this episode in all it's goodness before I do.

Live it up.

This week's beverage is unlike anything else I've listed. I don't mean that it involves some exotic liqueur that you can only get on Whore Island (which is not even a real place). No, it's not like that at all. This week's drink is...


Now. I don't mean nothing, like you think I do. I'm not saying that no alcohol is featured.

I'm saying that maybe some of you need an intervention. You need to first realize that you have a problem before you can start to fix it. So please, for the good of yourself and the ones you love, sober up. Probably not all at once though. You might need to ween yourself off. For safety reasons.

*feel free to not follow this suggestion. You'll understand once you see the episode.

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