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The internet is an interesting place. I, like most of you, grew up in an age where the internet is where I go when I have question, for just about anything.

  • How many tablespoons = a half cup?
  • Who voiced Donald Duck?
  • What’s in a ramos gin fizz?
  • Is Antico Pizzeria still open?
  • What ever happened to that kid, James, that I went to school with and haven’t heard from in years?
  • How far is San Diego from Los Angeles?
  • When did Gene Krupa die?
  • What did 1980’s Lori Petty look like naked?

All super important questions. Obviously.

It isn’t strange for you to be able to find the answers to those questions.

Usually somewhere between wikipedia, google maps, yelp, and porn hub, you’re able to find all the answers you ever wanted.

But when you’re actually doing research, sometimes you come up against a question that just doesn’t seem to have any answers, like, “When was the collins glass invented?” or “Why is limestone good at filtering out iron from water?” or “How do you rewire a 1978 BMW R-80/7 now that I’ve ripped all the cables off?”

While I’m sure that these have answers, and they are on the internet, it is more difficult than usual to figure out where the answers are. You have to wander past the first page of search results. Or even adjust your search terms and get really specific.

Sometimes, what you find is a site that is so perfectly suited to the question you were asking, that you honestly wonder how on earth you didn’t stumble upon it before.

For instance, “What is the history of the 40 ounce beer?”

When googled (it’s a verb now, deal with it), after a few obligatory wikipedia entries for Malt Liquor and Olde English 800, you’ll find “The Story of the Forty”.

The site has more info about various 40 oz brands and history than I could have hoped for, and a better article about them than I would have been able to write with my absolutely novice knowledge of the subject. Thus, I’m not going to really write one. Check out the website if you want to know more, then swing by your local gas station, pick up a quart and a half of malt liquor, and drink it out of a brown paper bag.

Here’s some Colt 45 branding goodness.

A completely...

...unique experience

...and dynamite taste

...that works every time keep it colt.



A flask of bourbon.


Bagels. or bagel bites or I don’t know, something on a bagel. Be creative.

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